To Do-List before the journey begins


Yes it’s true: There’s a LOT to do before a travel. It takes several hours of preparation, to battle with departments & insurances, reading travel guides all night…and this all whilst going to work!

But to bring the good news: It’s fun! With every phone call, every E-Mail, each thought you get closer to your own personal dream!
And it’s brainstorming, reading guide books and dreaming that really gives you the thrill of anticipation…! So don’t forget to enjoy the preparation time – anticipation is half the fun!

So here you’ll get some tips, what needs to be done…

As long as dreams are all you have:

– Save money! Set yourself a goal and start avoiding unnecessary expenses.

– Locate! Start thinking about where you’re travel should take you & where you’d love to go.

– Schedule! Arrange an approximate timetable. Based on this you can tighten your savings and work towards your target, e.g. quit your job/flat.


When your journey Comes closer: First steps:

– Passport! When does it expire? Do I need a new one?
Credit Card! Do I need one?
– Booking! Book your flights and your first accomodation.

Visa! Do I need a Visa for my destination?
– Vaccinations! Do I need any vaccinations for my trip (e.g. yellow fever)?
– Quit Job / flat! …and don’t forget to keep terms.
Insurances! Which ones make sense?
– Mail
! Where should my mail go while I’m away?
Confidental person! Who can I entrust with my personal belongings? Who opens my mail & pays my bills when I’m away?

Soon you’ll be gone: Before leaving

Equipment: How do I want to travel? Buy your suitable bag/suitcase.
Redirect your mail: Arrange your change of adress order.
Currencies: What do I Need? Is it recommendable to carry some USD for changing?
– if necessary, clear premises / store furniture
– if necessary, sell your car / check where you can shed it
And then you’re right at the Point where I am right now. I arranged nearly everything – but still need to clear the flat and store furniture and get my things packed.
And I reserved a lot of time for family and friends, as I won’t get to see them for a loooong time after I left!

As soon as I start to pack my things together I will let you know what comes along with me, and what I don’t want to carry around with me all the time!
See you!


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